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The 5 Calmest Horse Breeds

Are you looking for a calm horse breed to purchase for a beginner rider? This article discusses the five calmest breeds based on my experience as a horse owner, breeder, and trainer. Horse photos included!


What Is a Grade Horse?

If you have ever read horse advertisements online or been to a horse auction, you may have heard the term "grade" horse used. What does it mean? Are grade horses better or worse than purebred horses?


Your Visual Guide to Face and Leg Markings on Horses

Some horses are born with white markings on their faces and legs. Do you know the difference between snips, coronets and stockings? Correctly identifying them can be very satisfying for anyone who loves horses.


What Is the Best Horse Breed?

There is not a black and white answer to this question. Shopping by breed for a new rider is not the best way to select a horse. New riders should look for a horse based on its behavior.


All About the Persian Onager

Learn about the Persian Onager, a rare wild horse native to Iran that is endangered. Only 600 to 700 individuals remain in the wild and at zoos around the world.


Can Extinct Horse Breeds Be Cloned and Brought Back to Life?

Before the last Abaco Barb died, samples were taken with an intent to clone her. Can and should we clone an extinct horse breed?


Everything You Need to Know About Ponies and Their Care

Ponies are beautiful animals. They are part of the equine family. They come in a variety of breeds which all carry different attributes and likings. Ponies also make great pets.


10+ of the World's Most Beautiful Draft Horse Breeds and Heavy Horses

Out of all horse breeds, the heaviest and tallest are often the most gentle and docile. To many travelers, riders, and workers, the heavy horse breeds are not only companions, they are friends.


9 Beautiful, Rare and Unusual Horse Breeds

Horses are remarkably intelligent and beautiful creatures that have been bred by humans for a multitude of purposes for thousands of years. Here are some of the world's most unusual equine breeds.


How to Ride and Care for Arabian Horses

Did you know that Arabian horses can sometimes get temperamental? If you don't start out on the right foot with them, then they will walk all over you. Here's how to properly ride and care for them.


Interesting Facts About Arabian Horses You Probably Never Knew

Few horses run faster or farther than the majestic, hot-blooded Arabian horse. Discover interesting facts about Arabian horses that may surprise you.


About Equine Crosses, Mules, and Other Hybrids

Why do people breed mules? What are they useful for? Are there any other equine hybrids—and why? What makes a mule better or worse than a horse?


Why American Quarter Horses Make Great Pets: Expert Advice From an AQH Owner, Trainer, and Vet

Get insider information from an American Quarter horse owner, two trainers, and a vet about why the AQH makes an awesome pet.


4 of the World's Rarest Horses Breeds

Rare horse breeds like the Caspian and the American Cream Draft face extinction if the conservation efforts in place are not successful. Learn more about these beautiful and rare horses with facts, maps, images and videos.


Everything You Want to Know About the Marwari, the Native Horse of India

The Marwari horse is a beautiful steed native to India. Marwaris are recogniseable by their curled ears and lean frame.