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Care & Feeding


How to Care for Horses in Winter: Horses and Cold Weather

The cold days are coming, and equine owners may be wondering how to keep their animals warm in winter. The article reveals crucial aspects to consider when getting ready for the first frost.


Is It Warm Enough to Bathe My Horse?

Warm spring days make it tempting to bathe our horses. We need to make sure it is warm enough for them before we go ahead and do it, though! Here's some advice to help you decide whether to bathe or just groom our horses.


What to Do If Your Horse Hates Mane Pulling

Mane pulling can be a tedious and frustrating job if you are the unlucky owner of a horse that doesn't like it. If you have ever seen a mane that has been cut with scissors, you understand why we go to the trouble of pulling instead of cutting.


To Blanket or Not to Blanket Your Horse in the Winter?

To blanket or not to blanket your horse is always a question that is asked a lot this time of year. The weather is getting chillier, and we start to think about if our horses are going to be warm enough.


Does a Horse Need a Jacket or Blanket to Stay Warm in Winter?

Are we doing the horse a favor by putting a jacket on him when it is cold outside? I should think not. It is quite the opposite.


Horse Trailer Repair: Floor Boards

The floor in a stock/horse trailer does not last forever. It must be replaced before it rots. When the wood floor rots it can break through at any time when weight is applied to it.


How to Groom a Horse With a Grooming Kit (5 Steps)

Learn how to use each of the brushes in your grooming kit, and how to pick your horse's feet. Video tutorials included.


The Dos and Don'ts of Trimming a Horse

What parts of a horse are trimmed? How does it vary from breed to breed?


Preparing Your Property for a Horse at Home

Tips for preparing your property before bringing a horse home. Do you have good fencing? What kind of barn should you build? Be ready and don't get caught without the proper structures for a happy horse.