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Health Problems


How to Care for Old Horses: 5 Senior Horse Care Strategies

Did you know that older horses need special care? Here are five tips to care for them according to a professional horse trainer and riding instructor.


The Benefits of Using a Rehab or Lay Up Facility for Your Injured Horse

As horse owners, we know that one of our horse's favorite pastimes is getting themselves hurt. We can handle most bumps and scrapes at home on our own, but sometimes, the problem is too big for us to deal with.


Stem Cell Therapy for Equine Flexor Tendonitis (SDFT)

Superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) injuries are a substantial cause of lameness and diminished athleticism within the equine athletic industry. Mesenchymal stem cells have become a topic of interest for use in the therapy of orthopedic injuries in athletic horses.


Horse Nosebleeds: Causes and Treatments

There are many causes of nosebleeds in horses. Some causes of equine epistaxis can be detrimental to the health of your horse. Learn to recognize the symptoms of these serious health conditions.


Colic and Stomach Ulcers in Horses: Signs and Symptoms

Signs, symptoms, and causes of colic and ulcers in horses. Learn how to prevent these chronic conditions.


Oral Ulcers in Horses: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures

Did you realize that those sores in your horse's mouth may be caused by a weed in the hay he's eating? Learn the symptoms, causes, and cures for a horse's oral ulcers and how to identify grasses that are dangerous to them.


Bridle Lameness in Horses: Symptoms, Causes, and Fixes

Bridle lameness is apparent lameness caused by the use of the rein. The first step in correcting it is isolating the cause.


How to Manage Rain Rot in Horses: Symptoms, Treatments, and Cures

Rain rot, or dermatophilosis, is a bacterial skin infection that can cause discomfort and hair loss in horses. Learn what you can do to prevent this affliction and what to do if your horse already has it.


Treatment and Causes of Rain Rot in Horses, Dogs, and Cats

Rain rot is a common and highly contagious skin infection that occurs in pets, livestock, and wild animals. Proper treatment, causes, and prevention are discussed, as well as product recommendations.


Four Health Issues Found in Draft Horses

Both purebreds and draft crossbreds such as the sport horse are susceptible to certain health issues not so common in light horse breeds. These problems can affect their hooves, hindquarters, mouth area, urine, and more, and some diseases can be agonizing. Find out what steps you can take to help.


Why a Horse Slobbers After Eating Clover, and What to Do

While clover slobbers is not life-threatening, severe problems can arise if the horse is exposed to the infected clover for a long period of time, including colic and founder.