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150+ Great Names for Horses, Ponies, Donkeys, and Mules

This article provides hundreds of names for horses that range from classical to traditional to whimsical. You're sure to get some wonderful ideas!


350+ Perfect Pony and Horse Names for Riders

Are you looking for a name for your beloved horse? Perhaps you have a Thoroughbred, an Arabian, an American Paint, or a beautiful grade horse—here are 350+ perfect names for your companion.


15 Astronomy and Space Names for Horses

These great names for your horse, foal, or pony were inspired by astronomical, celestial, star, and space terminology. Give your horse a stellar name so that you will soar together as a team.


20 Legendary Names for Horses From Greek Mythology

Whether you've got a mare, a foal, a gelding, or a stallion, your horse is going to need a memorable name with meaning. Mythical horse names from ancient Greek literature are rich with history and legend. Explore these 20 ideas and find the perfect moniker for your equine companion.


15 Big, Powerful Horse Names

The following names from mythology and literature all feature strong, powerful horses for you to name your foal, mare, stallion, or gelding. Some names are great for a chestnut, black, bay, or grey horse, while others work for any large horse.


20 Fiery-Red Names for Chestnut Horses

Look here to find great fire-related names for chestnut horses, mares, geldings, stallions, foals, and colts. These fiery-red names, which come from different languages and mythologies, will give you some great ideas for your new horse.


25 Names for Your Horse From Norse Mythology

From Fenrir to Odin to Loki to Sleipnir (the eight-legged horse), these Norse names will add to your bond with your horse.


40 Native American Mythological Names for American Horses

Looking for the best Native American horse names and their meanings? Here are 40 beautiful, unique names that would work wonderfully for Appaloosas, Morgans, Paints, Mustangs, Standardbreds, and other American breeds.


Cool Horse Name Ideas

Horses are magnificent animals that deserve a good name no matter what they are used for. Give your beloved pet a name that others won't soon forget, even if they don't compete in the Kentucky Derby.


250+ Awesome Horse and Racehorse Names

Horses are one of the most majestic creatures to ever run on this planet, and they deserve a name as magnificent as they are!