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How I Train a Horse

Horse training tips from an old-time cowboy.


A Horse Is a Horse: Horseback Riding Basics for All Disciplines

We should all ditch the discipline snobbery! To each their own. And besides, before you can teach the skill set your horse needs for a certain discipline, we all need them to have certain basics. These basics don't change depending on the saddle.


The Easiest Way to Get a Horse to Come to You When Called

Want your horse to come running at the sound of your voice? Learn this easy method.


How to Make a Stubborn or Lazy Horse Go Forward

Horses come in all kinds of personalities. Some horses (and mules) are simply stubborn or lazy, refusing to go forward (sometimes in the face of significant persuasion). How do you deal with this?


3 Simple Tricks to Teach Your Horse

Here are a few cute and easy tricks to train your horse to do!


How to Train Your Beginner Horse

Learn basic training from foal to three year old, including haltering, tying, leading, saddling, biting, and ground work. This is just an overview of the very basics a foal needs to know.


Horse Training Tools—Spurs

How are spurs used? What are the different types? Are they always a tool of abuse?


Horse Training Tools: Crops and Whips

How many different kinds of horse whip are there? The answer is . . . quite a few, all of them designed for different disciplines and purposes.


Horse Training Tools: Martingales

A martingale is a training aid designed to prevent a horse from throwing its head up so high it becomes dangerous. What different kinds of martingale are there, and when should they be used? Read on to find out.


Horse Training: When Is Discipline Abuse?

Where is the line between appropriate discipline of a horse and abuse? Some thoughts on the matter.


How to Gentle Break a Horse for Riding

Gentle breaking a horse for riding is an art. If you take the time to train your horse with love and care, you will have a loving companion for life.