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4 Great Ways to Become a Super Awesome Pet Sitter

Updated on November 2, 2016
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Jessica has over a decade of experience in dog training, behavior, animal sciences, veterinary medicine, and shelter care.

Becoming a pet sitter can be a rewarding task. What person doesn’t want to get paid to care for pets all day long? You get to visit a variety of animals, make new friends (both furry and two-legged), and get to have a more flexible schedule. However, becoming a pet sitter can be a tricky task, and making sure you have the right skills and tools is essential. Here are some tips and tricks to help make your pet sitting business a success!

Don't let pets feel sad, become a great sitter!
Don't let pets feel sad, become a great sitter! | Source

The Skills You'll Need

Having the right skill set is the difference between a good pet sitter and a great one! While being good around animals is a great start, there are more skills you should have. Taking classes on various techniques such as basic obedience training, basic handling skills, dog walking skills and some grooming skills can help you market yourself better. Taking a pet first-aid class and being aware of common medical issues as well as being able to administer pet medications can also broaden your client-base to elderly or ill pets.

Cats do better when they have a pet sitter instead of going to a kennel.
Cats do better when they have a pet sitter instead of going to a kennel. | Source

The Supplies You'll Want

In addition to being able to properly handle and care for pets, you may want to have a sitter “tool-kit” to bring with you on your visits. These can help prepare you for any situation, and may even impress some clients into repeat business! A good “tool-kit” can include:

  • basic treats to offer pets
  • a first-aid kit with bandages and basic medical supplies
  • extra leashes or collars in case of emergency
  • some basic grooming supplies

Creating a client checklist for owners to fill out with information such as emergency contact numbers, vet info and other important details can also be placed in a binder to bring along with you. Being prepared can help keep a small problem from turning into a major one.

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Places to Get Started

If you’re not sure how to grow your business, there are a few places you can get started. Online sites such as Rover can help you start looking for clients and allows you to upload a skill-based resume and select dates you are available. If you want to branch out on your own, placing business cards at locations such as your local vet, the dog park, doggie daycares and pet stores can help increase your client base. You may want to include a website link on your business card where clients can see a complete resume, testimonials from other owners and what your pricing information is. The more you advertise, the more likely you are to bring in new clients!

Even pocket pets and exotics need pet sitting!
Even pocket pets and exotics need pet sitting! | Source

Follow the Law!

Knowing the law is also important. Be sure to check what your business and pet laws are in your area as they can vary from place to place. You may need a special license or certifications to become a pet sitter, or may want to incorporate your business for tax purposes. Speaking with a lawyer or accountant in your area is always a good idea if you’re unsure of how to start. You can also seek out other pet sitters in your area to see if there is anything you missed.

Young or old, pet sitters help reduce stress in pets.
Young or old, pet sitters help reduce stress in pets. | Source

You're Just Getting Started!

The above steps may seem like a lot of work, but in the end, they will help make you a better pet sitter and businessman. Having a great skill set, staying prepared and knowing where to go for help will make you a more marketable and desirable pet sitter. You’ll also be able to stick out better from the crowd when you have the skills and confidence to know you’re great!

Great Tips for Owners and Sitters!

Here's a Great First Aid Kit to Start With!


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