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Review of the Homerunpet Drybo Plus Automatic Pet Dryer

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The Homerunpet Drybo Plus Automatic Pet Dryer

The Homerunpet Drybo Plus Automatic Pet Dryer

One of my favorite pets was a tiny off-white ferret called Rachael. I don’t know why I liked her; she was a vicious little monster who took great pride in her ability to sneak up and bite my toes.

I’d occasionally get even with Rachael, lathering her with shampoo and then dropping the scrawny critter into the tub. As she peddled frantically to the edge, desperately attempting to claw her way to safety, I’d scrub away the accumulated grit and dirt.

The final step of this process involved plucking my ferret from the tub and dropping her onto a thick towel. She’d squirm her way into the soft material, wrapping it around her and burrowing to the towel’s center. By the time Rachael finished, her thin and scruffy pelt would transform into a fluffy and luxurious coat.

However, not all pets are as easy to dry. A dog, for example, will leap from the tub and shake vigorously until the entire bathroom is coated in a layer of dirty water. Then the ungrateful mutt would probably head for my new cloth-coated sofa for an undeserved nap.

Today I am examining a new device that will not only dry a cat or small dog but also double as its den.

My cat exploring the new dryer

My cat exploring the new dryer


The Drybo Plus pet dryer was designed to dry the fur of cats and small dogs comfortably. It weighs 19.4 pounds. This device is mainly composed of white ABS and glass. It is 17.2 inches wide, 18.4 inches deep, and 17.1 inches wide. The dryer can also be used as a den or a sleeping area.

This dryer is fitted with a large glass door that provides a clear view of the unit’s interior. A hand can be shoved through small circular openings on either side to facilitate the petting of a nervous animal. These petting doors can be removed entirely, providing entry and exit points for your pet.

A fan feeds air to a space below the Drybo Plus’s floorboards. This air is warmed by a PTC heater element and redirected upward. The top-mounted control panel can adjust heating, lights, and fan speed.

This dryer can handle a hefty 20-pound cat and a dog that weighs as much as 15 pounds. The inside compartment is 15.5 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 13.5 inches high.

The control panel includes a cooling setting that sucks in outside air, a 90-minute drying setting, and a 60-minute drying setting.


  • Brand: Homerunpet
  • Name: Drybo Plus automatic cabin pet dryer
  • Model: PD50
  • Weight: 8.8 kilograms (19.4 pounds)
  • Exterior dimensions: 43.7 x 36.6 x 43.4 centimeters (17.2 x 14.4 x 17.1 inches)
  • Interior dimensions: 39.4 x 33 x 34 centimeters (15.5 x 13 x 13.5 inches)
  • Nominal voltage: 100-120V/220-240V
  • Rated power: 350W
  • Material: ABS and glass
  • Adjustable temperature: Yes
  • Adjustable fan speed: Yes
  • Pet cushion supplied: Yes
Front view with main door open

Front view with main door open

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Comfort and Security

A device of this type must provide a safe and relaxing environment. The Drybo Plus’s cabin is sufficiently roomy for a cat or a small dog, and the large main door offers a full view of its interior. If the pet becomes distressed, a hand can be shoved through one of the petting doors to provide comfort.

Temperature and fan setting may be adjusted to meet each animal’s needs. The controls are automatically locked to ensure a temperature setting is not inadvertently raised while a pet is inside. To unlock the control panel, a finger must be dragged between the touchscreen’s power button and the lock symbol.

Side view displaying petting door

Side view displaying petting door

Bottom view.  Note the rubber plug that can be removed for cleaning

Bottom view. Note the rubber plug that can be removed for cleaning

Functional Description

This device is intended to comfortably dry your pet by blowing varying amounts of air at an appropriate temperature.

A fan pulls air into the back of the pet dryer, driving it downward to an area beneath the cabin’s floorboard. Since a PTC heating element is also located in this area, the incoming air can be heated to the temperature set by the control panel. One of four fan speeds may also be selected.

The floorboard is perforated by a profusion of tiny vents, allowing the incoming air to flow upward. This air will blow against your pet’s fur and be vented through the many tiny openings of the side-mounted pet doors.

As air is sucked into the back of the pet dryer and forced downward, loose cat and dog hairs tend to drift toward the rear-mounted fan grill. After the pet has been removed from the dryer, this collection of loose hair can be wiped from the grill.


This device would have been helpful to complete the process of drying my ferret after she’d finished tunneling through her towel. However, I would have kept the temperature low because ferrets do not handle heat well.

While my cat has no problems with the Drybo Plus, she is extremely fearful of water. If I were foolish enough to try and bathe her, I would have lost a short and bloody battle. Of course, not all cats are as feral as Velvet. This device will be a handy tool if you bathe your cat.

I think you would love the Drybo Plus if you own a dog. After a bath, quickly wipe your pet with a towel to absorb the excess water. Then sit him in the cabin and select the appropriate temperature and fan speed.

The mat can be installed when using the dryer as a den for your pet

The mat can be installed when using the dryer as a den for your pet

Secondary Use

The Drybo Plus can be easily converted into a den or sleeping area for your pet when not in use as a dryer.

The first step is to unplug the dryer. Then, from within the cabin, remove the circular pet doors by twisting them clockwise and pulling them free. This provides your pet with access from either side of the dryer. Homerunpet has also included a soft and comfortable mat that can be laid across the cabin’s floorboard.

LED light is turned on, displaying a view of the cabin as seen through its glass door

LED light is turned on, displaying a view of the cabin as seen through its glass door

Overall Impression

This is a well-designed dryer that also functions as a pet’s den. If you have a cat or a small dog that you routinely bathe, the Homerunpet Drybo Plus dryer is worthy of serious consideration.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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