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115+ Spooky Halloween Names for Dogs and Cats

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Spooky Pet Names

Naming a pet is never an easy decision. You want to choose a name as unique as they are while making sure it suits them and is easy to come to when you call. If you want your pet's name to have a Halloween theme, you have come to the right place.

Whether you have just adopted a pet in the fall months, your pet has a spooky vibe, or you just love all things Halloween, this list will have a name for you. From kitschy to creepy here are 115+ pet names that will remind you of Halloween all year round.

Female Dog and Cat Names A-E

  • Annabelle- from the horror movie Annabelle
  • Alice- Vampire from Twilight
  • Absinthe- Drink that causes hallucinations
  • Apple- Candy apples are a Halloween staple.
  • Annie- From the movie Misery
  • Banshee- This name would work for a male or female. It means ¨screaming spirit.¨
  • Belladonna- Poisonous plant
  • Batty- A cute play on bats
  • Bella- Main character in Twilight
  • Boo- Cute and Halloween themed
  • Blair- From the movie The Blair Witch Project
  • Buffy- From Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Carrie- From the movie Carrie
  • Candy- What could be more fitting for Halloween?
  • Clarice- From Silence of the Lambs
  • Cruella- 101 Dalmations villian
  • Daphne- Scooby Doo main character
  • Elvira- mistress of the dark
  • Esme- Mother vampire from Twilight
  • Eerie- The spooky feeling you may feel on Halloween
An adorable puppy may be just what you need to lift your spirits in the dreary fall months.

An adorable puppy may be just what you need to lift your spirits in the dreary fall months.

Female Dog and Cat Names F-I

  • Fright- Classic name for a spooky holiday!
  • Fox- Sneaky animal that embodies the fall season
  • Ginger- Autumn spice
  • Glinda- The good witch in The Wizard of Oz
  • Greta- From Wanda, the Wicked Warden
  • Hazel- Horror movie actress
  • Hermoine- From Harry Potter
  • Halloween- An obvious one, can work for male or female pets
  • Hocus Pocus- Cute and witchy
  • Irene- Aka Jill the Ripper
  • Ivy- Poison Ivy

Female Dog and Cat Names J-M

  • Jezebel- Spooky Halloween story
  • Janet- From the Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Jinx- Cute and seasonal
  • Lillith- Means belonging to the night
  • Luna- Meaning moon
  • Maleficent- Villain in Sleeping Beauty
  • Magic- Cute and not too dark
  • Mortica- Classic Halloween icon from The Adams Family
  • Medusa- A character in Greek mythology with snakes instead of hair
  • Midnight- Reminiscent of late nights on Halloween
  • Myrtle- Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter
A spooky name would definitely suit this festive cutie.

A spooky name would definitely suit this festive cutie.

Female Dog and Cat Names N-R

  • Noir- Meaning black
  • October- Could be a great name for a male or female pet
  • Pumpkin- A Halloween classic
  • Penny- A play on Pennywise
  • Potion- What a witch would make in a cauldron
  • Raven- Black bird commonly used in Halloween decorations
  • Ruby- a demon in the show Lucifer

Female Dog and Cat Names S-V

  • Sabrina- From Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Salem- The Salem witch trials
  • Sally- From The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Snickers- Popular candy on Halloween
  • Trixie- Trick or treat!
  • Twila or Twilight- From the vampire movie Twilight
  • Ursala- Disney villain
  • Vamp- meaning vampire

Female Dog and Cat Names W-Z

  • Witch or Witchy- A Halloween classic
  • Wicked- A spooky name
  • Wednesday- The Adams Family
  • Winnifred- From the classic movie Hocus Pocus
  • Zombie- Spooky creature that many people dress up as on Halloween
Your pet will be the coolest at the pumpkin patch with one of these spooky names.

Your pet will be the coolest at the pumpkin patch with one of these spooky names.

Male Dog and Cat Names A-E

  • Adam/Addams- The Addams Family
  • Boogey/Bogeyman- Delightfully spooky
  • Bones- Skeletons and Halloween go hand-in-hand
  • Babadook- From the movie The Babadook
  • Bat- A Classic symbol of Halloween
  • Beetlejuice- Classic Halloween movie
  • Blade- From the famous vampire movie
  • Burton- Inspired by the spooky movie director Tim Burton
  • Casper- From Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Chucky- After the haunted doll
  • Cullen- Last name of the Twilight vampires
  • Cobweb- Halloween classic
  • Cauldron- As in a witches' cauldron
  • Dracula- Arguably the most famous vampire
  • Draco- From Harry Potter
  • Diablo- Means devil
  • Edgar- After the spooky author Edgar Allen Poe
  • Elm- Nightmare on Elm Street

Male Dog and Cat Names F-I

  • Freddy- Freddy Kruger
  • Frankenstein- The famous monster
  • Fright- What could be more spooky?
  • Ghost- One of my favorites
  • Goblin- A classic Halloween creature
  • Gomez- The Addams Family
  • Goosebumps- After the popular spooky Goosebumps novels
  • Gremlin- From the movie Gremlins
  • Halloween- Perfect for a pet born on Halloween
  • Hannibal- After Hannibal Lecter
  • Ichabod- After Ichabod Crane
  • It- After the Stephen King novel and horror movie
  • Igor- Character in Frankenstein

Male Dog and Cat Names J-M

  • Jason- Friday the 13th
  • Jack- Jack-o-lantern
  • Jekyll- Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Jasper- Vampire from Twilight
  • King- After Stephen King
  • Killer- A terrifying name for a dog or cat
  • Lucius- From Harry Potter
  • Magic- So many creatures of the season practice magic
  • Merlin- After the famous wizard
  • Mummy- A monster
  • Monster- A name that definitely suits the season

Male Dog and Cat Names N-R

  • Night- Halloween festivities happen at night
  • Neville- Harry Potter
  • Nightmare- A scary dream
  • October- The spookiest month of the year
  • Ouija- A board that conjures spirits
  • Onyx- A black stone
  • Poe- Edgar Allen Poe
  • Ripley- Ripleys Believe it or Not
  • Rat- A cute creature many happen to be afraid of

Male Dog and Cat Names S-V

  • Shadow- A popular name for pets with black fur
  • Spooky- A festive name
  • Specter- Another word for ghost
  • Skeleton- A common Halloween decoration
  • Skull- Head bone
  • Talon- Claw
  • Trick- Trick or Treat
  • Tarot- After the cards
  • Ubel- Means ¨evil¨
  • Vampire- A scary creature
  • Voodoo- A type of magic

Male Dog and Cat Names W-Z

  • Werewolf- This one would be great for a big dog
  • Witcher- A male witch
  • Wolf- A scary animal
  • Zombie- A monster

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