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Photo of 100-Year-Old Grandma Cuddling 10-Week-Old Puppy Is Touching Hearts

Family photos are meant to be cherished forever. They're a snapshot of a memory that you can look back on from time to time. This is especially true for photos between grandparents and their grandchildren, as their time together may be limited. Our new favorite photo is not of a grandparent and grandkid, but of a grandma and her adorable 10-week-old furry friend. 

Reddit user @randokomando shared a photo of his puppy getting held by his 100-year-old grandma, and our hearts have never been so full! This picture has over 26.7K likes and nearly 130 comments. The way she is holding the puppy so close to her is just too sweet. They look so comfortable with each other, too. Talk about new BFFs! This is a photo the family will keep forever.

These two are so in love with each other!! "Puppy looks like she thinking, 'Grandmas are the best cuddlers,'"commented @Relevant_Struggle, and we have to agree! Grandma hugs are always the best! "Two cutie pies in one photo… my heart cannot handle all of this pure unconditional love," added @CShellyRun. We're about to print this photo out and frame it! 

"Awwww, make sure you bring the puppy to her a lot for cuddles!" wrote @milkradio. Please?! We are going to need more photos and videos of these two best friends. "They are great friends already 😊," said @MagicalSmokescreen.  

This photo is also amazing to see life come full circle and seeing the two different stages of life. @The_Celtic_Chemist points out, "10 weeks vs 5200 weeks." So cool! Plus, age is just a number! Love can run through all different generations. "I just felt a thousand good emotions at once, this is precious, thank you," said @kkju-reborn. How can you not feel all these emotions? This is just one of those images that brings all the feels.