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Video of 110-Year-Old Tortoise Enjoying His Daily Shower Is Giving People the Feels

It always blows our mind how some animals can live well into the 100s. The number of things they have probably seen makes us wish they could talk. We just want to hear their stories. It would be like listening to your grandparents share the 'back in my day' stories. Except, some animals have a few extra decades than our grandparents to share!  

Take for example this 110-year-old Tortoise who lives at the Emerald Coast Zoo in Crestview, Florida. TikTok user and zookeeper @wildcharles recently shared a clip of one very wise tortoise named Gertie. We'll say it again, 110 years old! Is that not insane?! Check out Gertie and the daily routine that he loves so much! 

Aww! A shower every day?! Hey, if that's what the retired tortoise wants, that's what he'll get! We have to say, he's looking good for his age. That must be from his daily showers! LOL. 

Other users also can't believe how old Gertie is. @Rob Instructor wrote, "Doesn’t look a day over 80." Ha! We hope to look as good and cute as Gertie when we're in our 80s but that probably won't happen, ugh! @COOKIE PRODUCTION.STUDIOS added, "The Lord Beautiful creature,110 years old amazing....👌✌😎."

Also, just think about how much history this tortoise has lived through. @jamesknight213 brought up the point, "WOW THIS GUY WAS AROUND BEFORE WW1." Wow! What a unique and crazy way to think about it! @B Ellen Bush said, "Just think of all he has seen in 110 years." @James Hubbard added, "Born in 1912, wow, what a trooper! He has seen some stuff in his day." Any guesses on what his favorite decade might have been?!