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15-Year-Old Labrador's Precious Bond With New Puppy Has Us Crying Happy Tears

The bond between fur siblings is unlike any other. Even if there's a bit of an age gap between the dogs, having a built-in best friend can bring so much joy to every day. Just ask Golden Retriever, Olive!

On her TikTok account, @_olives_odyssey_, her mama posted a tribute to the pup and her senior sister Roxy, a yellow Labrador Retriever. Though the video is a bit of a throwback, it's a timeless reminder of the love between two fur sisters. 

How beautiful is this? We just love watching the bond between these two grow, even if we learned that they only had a year together. That year must've meant so much to everyone!

"This made me smile and brought tears to my eyes," commented @lepeltakt. "Thanks for sharing." You're certainly not alone! We felt emotional watching this, too, especially once we learned that Roxy was no longer with us. Moments may be fleeting, but friendship is forever!

"Now you need to get Olive a new friend... she just looks like the sweetest!!! 🥰," wrote viewer @magenta.paine. There's zero doubt that she's a social butterfly. Luckily, her human mama was way ahead of us! She replied "We did! Her 1/2 brother Oakley! 🥰." 

As you can imagine, the furry half-siblings are just as sweet together, but there's no replacing the relationship Olive had with Roxy. We know the sweet Golden girl will never forget her big sis! 

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