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Story of 19-Year-Old Dog Finally Adopted After 14 Years in the Shelter Breaks Our Hearts

Any amount of time an animal spends in a shelter breaks our hearts. No animal should have to experience that. They all deserve loving homes with a whole lot of snuggles and treats. That's why adoption stories always hit home for us. But it's one recent adoption story that has really captured our hearts unlike any of the other ones. 

TikTok user @nataliejosnyder traveled over 5 hours to adopt a 19-year-old dog. Not only is this family saving an older dog, but they're also saving a dog who spent most of his life in a shelter. This poor boy named Stuart has lived in the shelter for over 14 years. It was difficult for the family to adopt him at first because they were saying he was so used to being there and it was his home. But we're so glad they persisted. Watch and see Stuart at peace in his new home!

And here come the waterworks! Happy tears though because Stuart finally has a forever home! He's safe with a family that comes with other doggos and even chickens. The creator said Stuart sleeps and sleeps everywhere. Aww! And he gets so many treats, which is more than deserved.

Stuart is clearly in very good hands and it's making not only us but everyone else happier than ever. "I immediately started crying. Thank you for giving him love," commented @Chloe Simmons. This is seriously so sweet of this family to adopt Stuart. "Such a bittersweet situation. Stuart will know peace and love in his final days thanks to you," added @Brittany Best.

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Another TikTok user, @PghNotGuilty said, "So at peace & happy. Stuart has to enjoy the quiet. Thank you for fighting for him." Seriously, we can't thank this family enough. He's surrounded by so much love. And what really got us in the feels was when the video read, "This is Stuart's home for as long as he will have us." Ugh, and the tears continue! 

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