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Best Friends Take in 19-Year-Old Shelter Dog and Vow to Fill Her Last Days With Love

If we could shower every dog with treats, toys, and affection for the rest of their lives, we gladly would. These creatures are so loving and patient--they deserve every ounce of love and fun they can get--don't you think? Lauren Siler and her roommate/best friend Lisa certainly do, which is why they're treating Annie the senior black Labrador Retriever to the best final days a gal could have.

Lisa, who goes by @dallasanimalfoster on Instagram, has been sharing all of the old girl's adventures and achievements online. As if that wasn't special enough, Annie is becoming quite a celebrity, too!

Oh my goodness! We positively adore Annie and her foster besties. It is so heartwarming to see a sweet, sugar-faced pup living out all of her bucket list dreams. And the icing on the cake? She's healthier and happier than when she first found her way to Lisa and Lauren. 

"I cannot get enough of seeing this beautiful soul," commented @shelleystar2. "She is healthy and has such a beautiful face and of course story. Love you Annie!" Aww, you summed up our feelings so perfectly. The more we get to know this pup's story, the more we fall for her. No wonder she has so many fans! 

Lauren and Lisa are two angels on Earth if you ask us. Not only are they spoiling Annie rotten (as she deserves), but they've taken in a second foster senior, too. Meet Tippy!

That handsome face! We think he and Annie are going to be the very best of friends as they enjoy being pampered side-by-side. Like Lauren said in Tippy's post, "he fits right in at the L&L retirement home for elderly black lab lookin dogs." Happy tails, Annie and Tippy!