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Footage of 2-Day-Old Baby Goats Is the Ultimate Timeline Cleanse

We don't think there are any videos of baby animals that won't melt our hearts. They're just so small and cute and precious! We can't wrap our minds around it. If we could, we'd have hundreds of baby animals with us that we would snuggle with all day long.

And if we could take our first pick on which baby animals to bring home with us, it would be these baby goats TikTok user @2studsranch posted about. In this video, the TikToker updated us about these goats that are only 2 days old. Ugh, so amazing! And we're not kidding when we say you won't be able to contain your excitement over the cuteness.

Aww! Have you ever seen anything more adorable than this? Because we sure as heck haven't. "I'm in love!!!" said @tx2tn. SAME! We want a 2-day-old baby goat in our lives or better yet, 6 of them. LOL! 

@poopndead wrote, "Y'all trying to kill the internet with cuteness." Lol, right?! They broke the internet with this video. But no one seems to mind! Plus, it's not these babies' fault no one can handle their adorableness! LOL! @chabu369 added, "Cuteness overload." You can say that again! 

Another TikTok user, @peggy810, pointed out "You are so sweet and gentle with them!" Seriously though, you can just tell how kind he is with these babies. We can't wait to watch these baby goats grow up in his care. They'll be big and strong in no time at all! 


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