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Video of 2-Year-Old Dog Realizing He's Just Been Surrendered Is Downright Gut-Wrenching

The fact that so many dogs need a home is so terrible. But seeing it first hand is so much worse. That's exactly what happened to a 2-year-old Cavachon in Wooster, Ohio in a video where the poor pup started to panic after realizing his owner had dropped him off at the Wayne County Humane Society and wasn't coming back.

The heartbreaking moment was shared by Joe Kay (@adoptingdogs) who was thankfully there to comfort the pup when he started to get distressed. 

It's almost too painful to hear the dog starting to cry. "Bailey was surrendered to the shelter today," the video's onscreen caption reads. The clip then shows Kay trying to calm Bailey down, but the road ahead is uncertain. "I know life happens and sometimes things like this can't be avoided, but these dog don’t understand that," the caption states.

The video has been watched over 940,000 times and people online were absolutely crying. "This breaks my heart so much but if they’re willing to do that then he deserves a better home. I literally have tears in my eyes," @traceo5 admitted. "It breaks my heart when they’re chasing after the owner that abandoned them. They’re confused and scared. Thank you for being their safe place," @lrod04569 wrote. "I'll never understand. My dog is a family member," @wheatenmomwi chimed in. 

Later in the thread, Kay explained that Bailey will be available for adoption soon. So if you have room in your home (and your heart) check out the Wayne County Humane Society's website

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