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Video of 20-Year-Old Cat Being Sung 'Happy Birthday' Is So Touching

Are you someone who hates celebrating your birthday, especially as you get older? You don't want the reminder that you're aging. We don't understand why because we love birthdays. They're a special day that symbolizes your growth. It's just another year of you getting wiser! That's why we think it's important to celebrate your birthday no matter your age. And apparently, TikTok user @jodielouisemb agrees. 

But instead of celebrating a human's birthday, this TikToker decided to show us a different family member they're celebrating. No, not a kid or a partner. They're actually celebrating the family cat! We're not so surprised by this because pet birthdays are all the rage these days. But what did capture our attention is how old this cat is. It's so touching what they do for her! 

Aww! This is the sweetest thing a person can do for their pet, even though our fur besties might not realize what it's for. LOL! Maybe you don't have to celebrate every single year. Just on the big ones! And 20 years old?! That's definitely one worth celebrating! 

We can't tell if she was enjoying her birthday celebration...LOL! We tend to agree with what @Kat Knight pointed out. The comment reads, "Lolz she's in her hundreds and you're giving her a baby toy 😂 she's like, 'Where's my treats, woman?'" HA! She's too mature for toys now. @tacochimi added, "She doesn't look 20, aged like a fine wine. So precious 😭." She seriously doesn't look 20. She looks incredible! What's her secret?! 

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"Aww, she sat so nicely for the song. Happy birthday," wrote @maudlinhues. She might've been a little confused, but we think she was soaking it all in. Because well, you only turn 20 once! We hope she had the happiest of birthdays! 

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