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Death of Beloved 24-Year-Old TikTok Famous Cat Leaves Everyone Heartbroken

Losing your pet is never easy. But the video tribute that one man made for his cat Lily has us absolutely in tears. Reece Alexander-Putinas (@nuckfoodle) was clearly heartbroken when it was time to put his "queen" down. But he did her memory justice with the now-viral video. 

Putinas' motto is "life Is short, laugh often," and there was clearly no short of good times between he and his cat Lily. The cat dad had endless videos of the two of them, and compiled them together to say goodbye.

"After nearly a quarter of a century together, the time had come to say goodbye to my queen," he wrote in the video's text overlay. "And I can honestly say that a huge part of me died with you," he added. Absolutely devastating. 

With over 447,000 views, people all over the internet wrote in and sent their condolences. "I’m absolutely bawling. I can’t I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s sucks so much when they have to cross the bridge, not just animals, but family," @miajayne__.xx wrote. "The world is a little bit darker without her light. Come back soon baby girl and until then fly high," @grampsthecat chimed in. "You were with her until the last minute. She had a beautiful life with you. I know it's tough, but get some rest yourself," @chrisfeng18 commented.

Times like these can be so tough, but thankfully it seems like the TikToker has thousands of people who are willing to offer him support.

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