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4-Month-Old Doberman Returned to New Jersey Shelter Makes Us So Sad

Our hearts go out to each and every rescue dog, but stores like Ellie's are especially painful to watch. Not only has this sweet girl endured so much in her first few months of life, but she's already had one owner fail her. The precious Doberman puppy was returned to @amazingmuttspuppyrescue in New Jersey--by no fault of her own--though we know they'll help her find her real 'furever home.'

Still, you may want to grab a tissue before you take a look. She's a gorgeous, happy girl, and it kills us to think that she's just waiting in a shelter to go home.

Precious girl! It's not fair at all that she had to go back to the shelter, especially after getting a taste of life in a family. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that she's going to find an even better home! Just like @boscosmoms wrote in the comment section, "aw someone is going to get lucky having her, she's adorable." We just hope Amazing Mutts updates their followers when the time comes!

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again," added @alohafriday38. "Especially rescue animals who have been through [a lot], NOT A DRESS to return! They have SOULS & THEY HURT." You said it! Although we don't know the full story, it's hard not to assume that someone didn't know what they were getting into. Adopting a dog--especially a puppy--is a full-time job! Luckily, TikTok viewers are already rallying in support of Ellie.

"Omg poor baby, you will find the perfect home," assured @candycanrescue. "Amazing Mutts has your back baby!" From food and healthcare to lots of love, we know they'll make sure this sweet pup has it all. Until she's adopted, that is!

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