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Video of Terrified 7-Year-Old Dog Who Was Just Surrendered by His Family Is Just Gut-Wrenching

Unfortunately, dogs are sometimes surrendered to a shelter by their family because they are not able to take care of them anymore, or they no longer want a dog. Whatever the reason, it is traumatizing and scary for a dog to be thrust into these circumstances with no understanding of why it is happening. One pup is currently going through this experience, and it is unbelievably sad to witness.

TikTok user @shropshirek9 recently shared a video of a seven-year-old dog named Loki that was surrendered to Hilbrae Rescue Kennels in Telford, United Kingdom. In the video, Loki is curled up in a corner of his kennel and visibly shaking in fear. Watch the video to see this poor baby and help him get adopted!

OMG, we feel so sorry for Loki! This poor pup has no idea why his family left him here, and he is clearly having a difficult time adjusting. We hope Loki is able to find a new family to take him away from the rescue soon.

People in the comments feel so sorry for this pup. @sandisteacupjaguars said, "Poor sweetheart…confused and scared. Breaks my heart, but at least he has good people helping him." Another user, @krgroom, commented, "Poor boy. His heart must be breaking, mine is just watching this." Seeing his reaction to being in the shelter is just gut-wrenching!

Others are wishing Loki good luck in his search for a new home. @janlinnell1229 commented, "That poor baby...I hope you find peace, comfort, and happiness in a new home soon," and @ultradelightful said, "So sad. Praying Loki will get a permanent family soon with endless love!" We know the right person for Loki will find him soon!

We can't imagine how much Loki must be hurting right now. Our biggest wish is for Loki's perfect match to come and take his pain away!

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