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Video Honoring the Brave 9/11 Dogs Who Gave Their Service Is a Major Tear-Jerker

A somber day passed yesterday with the 21st anniversary of 9/11. Every year we reflect back and remember that tragedic day, the lives lost and the ones who risked their lives to help. First responders didn't hesitate one bit that day and for that, we'll forever be grateful. And we can't forget a huge part of the team that helped - service dogs.  

To honor all those dogs that helped that day, TikTok user @milliethenoodlehorse shared with us a montage of these dogs and their roles. We know that there are plenty of other doggos that helped on this day, but this is just a start. These dogs are heroes and shall be remembered as such! Get ready because this video will produce instant tears. 

Wow, what a touching video. This is just even further proof that we truly don't deserve dogs. From searching through toxic fumes for hours to successfully guiding their owner to safety. One dog even worked 10 days, searching in the rubble. They're unbelievable. 

"Roselle found one of the only exits left in the tower. She led her blind owner & others from his office. They only found those stairs b/c of her ❤️," said @jennifercarr2364. What an incredible service dog. She stayed calm in the situation and helped out more people than just her owner. Thank you, Roselle. 

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@princesssarahwine wrote, "Apollo was an amazing partner. He worked so hard before and after 9-11 and protected my uncle. He and all the other dogs are heroes and so missed." Aww! Apollo was the first search and rescue dog on the scene. And one final note from the creator, "Let this be a reminder to those that have lost beloved pets, these are the ones comforting them in heaven. 🐾 ❤️." Wow, so beautiful! We'll always remember these dogs and all the help they did on this day.

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