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Gabrielle LaFrank


Gabrielle LaFrank is a Pet News writer for PetHelpful. She aims to uplift and educate animal admirers in the most accessible, lighthearted ways. Throughout her career so far, Gabrielle has covered niche topics like mental health, relationships, and pet care--though none make her smile as much as covering Pet News. 

Outside of writing, Gabrielle enjoys crafting in a variety of mediums, attending hockey games, and quality time with her dogs: Carter the Cockapoo and Jack the Husky/Malamute. 


Before joining the PetHelpful team, Gabrielle researched and wrote for PawTracks, another pet-inspired site. In this role, she familiarized herself with credible veterinary resources in order to bring pet parents the most accurate, up-to-date information.

After conquering a childhood phobia of dogs, she feels passionate about educating others so that animals--both meeting them and caring for them--don't seem so intimidating. Sometimes, the things we fear the most can also be the things we love the most!


San Jose State University, 2015-2020
Bachelor of Arts, English-Creative Writing

She served in several roles, including President, of the Poets & Writers Coalition at San Jose State. In the Presidental role, she raised money for the club while organizing and leading community events to support local poets and writers.


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