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Woman's Story of Rescuing Abandoned Baby Gecko Is So Moving

Animal lovers are always willing to go above and beyond to help an animal in distress, even if there is an unlikely chance of success, because we can't bear to see them suffer. One woman recently rescued an unlikely animal that her sister found abandoned and barely alive, and her story is incredible.

TikTok user @ellenrutz recently shared a video of an abandoned Leopard Gecko named Leo that her sister found. In the video, this woman shares her journey as she nursed him back to full health and gave him a wonderful new home. Check out the heartwarming story in the video below!

Wow, that was amazing! We are so impressed with everything this woman did to help Leo, and we are so glad to see that he is doing so well. This is one lucky lizard!

People in the comments are praising this woman for her work. @daniel891025 said, "It's amazing to see there are still kind people. Please update us about this little guy! I hope he can make it and have a great life with you." Another user, @helhathfury, commented, "You are an angel. Thank you for showing this precious baby kindness and love." People like this woman keep our faith in humanity alive!

Leo's new mom shared an update on his recovery. In the video below, she shows us what his feeding process looks like, and we are able to see Leo getting more of his energy back!

We are so moved by Leo's story. Many experienced reptile owners were sharing treatment and care advice in the comments, so there are a lot of people looking out for this gecko. It seems like little Leo is going to make a full recovery!

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