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Woman Finds Abandoned Bunny 'Dumped' on Her Farm and It's Just So Heartbreaking

When it comes to stray, dumped, or abandoned pets, it's oh-so-hard to know the details. Everything from the animal's demeanor to their health can change the entire rescue process, but there are amazing people like @canadiansally who are willing to stick it out in order to help. We're beyond relieved that it was her who encountered a sweet abandoned bunny on her farm, and we're sure the bunny is, too. 

For the little white rabbit, who was understandably frightened and confused, the entire debacle must've been so stressful! Thanks to Sally, though, he wasn't left to fend for himself for long. 

What a cute little bunny! He looks like he fits right in on the farm, but like Sally mentioned in the video, he likely wouldn't survive long in the Canadian wilderness. Now that's a harsh reality check for hesitant potential rabbit owners. 

"Why do people do that??" asked commenter @sbesu. "I guess they are no longer cute, once Easter is over???" It can honestly be infuriating to hear about the ways people abandon their pets once things get difficult, but Sally's update video is a great reminder to focus more on helping the animal than being angry at the human. 

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After the rabbit was caught and fed, Sally had some great news to report in the comments: the animal wasn't abandoned at all! She replied to a comment from @princess_of_disaster, "We caught him in the middle of the night it was all I had and he was probably dehydrated. He’s been reunited with his owner who lost him!" We wish all rescue stories could turn out like this. 

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