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Heartwarming Video Shows Feral Cat and Kittens Transform With the Power of Kindness

Fostering one cat, especially one that has been abandoned and neglected, is a lot of work. Now add a litter of kittens to that and your days will consist of grooming, feeding, visits to the vet and gaining the trust of an animal that is not only vulnerable due to mistreatment, but also due to the fact she has babies to protect. 

That's the case with @Kittyboyandfriends, who took in a stray mama cat and her babies who was very apprehensive at first. But just watch the video and try not to cry happy tears as she slowly trusts her caring human. 

Oh, our hearts! The way mom starts making biscuits everywhere is just too precious. @Lavalicker says "Cats are the world's greatest gift to us. There is nothing like the moment a cat decides to trust you." @Madonnaplumpandme types "Awwww grateful Mama. So glad the world has people like you." "The turnaround she made is amazing!!!! You’re wonderful for helping her." says @Taradeenihan and we can all agree with that. 

Foster pet parents make the world such a better place. The reward of having a scared animal give you their trust makes all the hard work worth it. 

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