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Woman Rescuing Abandoned Bunny Restores Our Faith in Humanity

Rabbits are the third most popular companion animal in the U.S.A., and the third most abandoned. When irresponsible rabbit owners decide to abandon their unwanted domestic rabbits outside, these bunnies have no idea how to survive in the wild. They are easily targeted by predators, or hit by cars, or can die due to malnutrition or disease. Most people wouldn't leave an unwanted cat or dog outside when they move out, so bunnies shouldn't be any different. 

Sadly, TikTok user @GausBailey had a neighbor who did just that, and thank goodness GusBailey was around to rescue this rabbit. Watch this heartwarming video to see how this came about. 

We are so glad this story has a happy ending. @MsDracula posts, "The sad part for me is that bunny stayed near the home probably thinking it can come back inside. Animals are so innocent I hope bunny is ok." @EbyCat adds, "Why don’t people just take them to a shelter and say “I found this”?" That's much better than just leaving it alone outside. @Genajasta agrees commenting, "They could have dropped it off at a shelter or something they should be ashamed."

Don't release your domestic pets into the wild. Just don't do it. If you absolutely cannot find a responsible new home for it, contact your local animal shelter. Thank goodness this story has a happy ending. Most of these cases do not. Consider this before you leave a family pet alone outside to fend for itself. 

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