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Abandoned Puppy Constantly Looks for Her Owners in Video That Makes Us Sob

Unfortunately, there are bad people in the world who dump and abandon their unwanted pets. These sweet animals will show up in strange and dangerous places where they were left by the people who adopted them and are supposed to care for them. This happened to one pup at a rescue in Texas, and she is having a difficult time accepting how drastically her circumstances have changed.

Barking Mad Animal Rescue is an animal rescue organization located in Hemphill, Texas. On their TikTok account, @barkingmadanimalrescue, they recently shared a video of one of their rescues, a puppy named Maggie, who was abandoned by her owners and is struggling to accept that they're gone. Check out the video to see this sweet girl and help her find a new family that will love and appreciate her!

Awww, Maggie seems like such a lovely pup, we can't believe her previous owners wouldn't want such a sweet girl! She doesn't understand why her family is gone and keeps looking for them at the rescue. Maggie needs to be adopted by someone who can mend her broken heart and gain her trust!

People in the comments thought this girl was unbelievably precious. @tropgirl3326 said, "Beautiful baby, you will find the people that deserve you!" and @alimlodinoff commented, "She is so beautiful." This pup is truly gorgeous!

Others were shocked that Maggie was abandoned. @beingbuster commented, "So heartbreaking... I wish horrible people who dump animals would be held accountable... It's so upsetting!" Another user, @user6700098234809, said, "Prayers for her a forever home where she receives love in abundance." Maggie is deserving of so much more than the hand she has been dealt!

We can't stop crying over Maggie's situation. It is so unfair that she was abandoned after her adoption at such a young age! We hope Maggie is adopted again soon and joins a family that gives her the love and patience that she needs.

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