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Woman's Video Explaining Why She Only Adopts Senior Dogs Tugs at the Heartstrings

Some of the silliest, smartest, and sweetest dogs in the world are on the older end. Still, senior dogs are commonly looked over by potential adopters. This is just one important reason why folks like @zoepluspets are so important to the well-being of elderly pets.

She rescues many of the senior dogs who would otherwise stay in the shelter in less-than-ideal conditions. This includes many hospice animals who are in their final days. Even so, Zoe knows they are just as loving and deserving of love as any other shelter pet. In a recent TikTok video, she explains the other reasons why she adopts senior pets, and it's truly heartwarming. 

Thank you, Zoe, for all that you do for these babies! It's such a gift to give an animal a comfortable life, especially when they have so much love to give back in return. 

"We need more people like you," @giorgio_bousdas wrote in the comments section. "This is actually I want to start doing. It breaks my heart that they get passed up 90% of the time at shelters 🥺." Hopefully, this can start to change with people like Zoe and Giorgio advocating for elderly pets! Even one adoption makes a world of difference for that animal.

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Still, there are pet care realities that one needs to consider. @Shashamck1 asked, "This is wonderful!! How do you afford the vet care, as they usually require more than maybe a younger pet?"

"Adopt from a rescue and many of the large expenses will have already been covered," Zoe replied. Turns out, it isn't as big of a financial burden as one may have guessed! Even so, adopting a dog is no small matter and should be thought through. 

This is the way Zoe can make a difference for the senior pups in her local shelter, and we are living for it! Just like @whataboutbunny said, "You are such a lovely human ❤️😭," Zoe! Thanks for all you do!

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