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Cat's Adorable 'Screams' Make Us Want to Adopt Her Right Away

True facts, there is nothing more adorable than a screaming vocal cat. We just love how it sounds like they are having conversations when asked questions. And this little cat posted by TikTok account @EdgarandIvy_Catsanctuary has to be one of the loudest we have ever heard. 

Just check out beautiful adoptable Mia and get ready to LOL because she is next level. 

Oh my gosh she's the best. This may be a common phenomenon  amongst tuxedo cats because @Haleigh comments, "My tuxedo cat is also VERY loud and talkative haha!" @Ripley and Lili agrees , posting "My tuxedo cat is also talkative!" @DessaHodges obviously has her volume turned up because she posts, "all of my cats just went bananas. Whatever she is saying is SERIOUS. Haha! She is demanding pets! 

We love talky cats. Here are some excellent tips you can try for getting your own cat to be more vocal, but we doubt she will do as good a job as Mia here! 

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