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Woman's Sweet Words About Her Adopted Adult Rescue Dog Serve As an Important Reminder

Adult rescue dogs often have a more difficult time getting adopted due to their age and the belief that they are difficult to manage. However, this is not the case. These dogs simply need you to consider their needs from their point of view! One woman is sharing a similar message about her adult rescue dog and we love it.

TikTok user @fiftyeightedsel recently shared a video of her adult rescue Pit Bull named Enzo. Enzo's mom used text on the video to share several things she learned about her dog after rescuing him as an adult that had been rehomed several times before landing with her. The messages here are so sweet and important! Watch the video to see what this dog mom has to say about the lessons her fur baby taught her.

Wow, this was powerful message. Enzo's mom said several nice things about rescue dogs and the specific things that helped Enzo acclimate to his new home. The overarching message in the video is to give your rescues all the love, patience, and compassion they need to feel safe and comfortable, and don't be afraid to adopt an adult dog. We couldn't agree more!

People in the comments loved the message Enzo's mom shared. @htxfostermom said, "This is beautiful. I have a current foster that needs this kind of love and understanding. He has been sent back several times. Thank you for this." Another user, @lww92, commented, "I love him. Thank you for sharing this... adult dogs are so wonderful to adopt. Puppies are a ton of work! I’ve always adopted older dogs!" Older dogs are just the sweetest, and we love this message has been met with so much support!

Others had lovely things to say about Enzo. @angelinae1313 commented, "He's so gorgeous, look at his beautiful markings," and @mololdondo said, "Aww I love him. May healing come to him. Big hugs, handsome boy!" Enzo seems like he is doing so well thanks to the love and support from his mom!

If you are considering adopting a dog, we encourage you to look at the adult dogs available to rescue! They deserve to find their forever home and have a backlog of love to give to their future owners.