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Video of Adopted Horse Taking Her First Solo Swim Is Just Beautiful

Seeing your horse trying something new is so exciting. Whether that be the first time they come over to say hello or the first time that they take a swim. One woman on TikTok was deeply moved when she recently saw her horse take a dip — and now she's sharing the video online.

So many people were touched after watching the footage from Lee Ann Hilbrich (@daringdiscoveries), which shows her horse splashing around in the water at Braving Star Farms. 

"The most magical thing happened today. Since we adopted her 3 years ago she's never done this..." the video's onscreen caption reads. The horse, whose name was Dragon, looked like she was so thrilled to be in the water. We can hardly believe that she's never been swimming before. 

People in the comment section praised Dragon for taking the big leap. "I could be deliriously happy watching her do this all day," @bobsdaddy wrote. "She knows that she is safe now and is comfortable to do this," @jamesspahn175 explained. "Must of felt great to cool off! Gosh, what a beauty," @kelleighkins15 added. "She is finally truly free and so very loved. She is a totally happy horse now," @pennychartley0 chimed in. 

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Elsewhere on the page, Hilbrich shared footage of the other animals at the farm. Including ducks, Darla and Dolores. "Morning routine for Darla and Dolores Duck. After a deep breath they head straight to the pond. Unless there are puddles. Then they go and play in the puddles," she wrote in the caption. 

What a lovely place to live.

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