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Moment Woman Meets Her Adopted Rescue Dog From China Makes Us So Happy

The internet is praising one woman on TikTok for saving a Miniature Poodle from China. According to @lil.babyydoll, her dog was destined for the meat trade before she got to her. And now watching the TikToker meet her new fur-baby for the first time has people cheering. 

It takes a very special person to open their home to a dog in need. And this woman is definitely tops. The footage shows her as she goes to pick up the pooch for the very first time. 

"Come with me to pick up my adopted rescue dog from China," she wrote in the video's text overlay. It was so sad to see the pup in her crate, but then she laid her eyes on her mama and things totally turned around. "Nice to meet you, welcome home," @lil.babyydoll wrote.

The comments section thanked the woman for making the save. "These poor animals have been through so much. Thank you," @annnabelle889 praised. "So glad you adopted her and saved her, you’ll soon see her blossom," @kimmyhughes7 vowed. "Poor girl. Finally a good home. She looks a little like my dog and best friend that’s just passed. Protect her at all costs," @sallysalac urged.

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A second video shows little Sandy after she got home. She seems to be adjusting beautifully. 

"Lots and lots of snuggles since we've been home," her mama wrote in the caption. 

So sweet!

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