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Sweet Video of Bonded Pair Of Cats Getting Adopted Gives Us All the Feels

People who adopt shelter cats are amazing people. But there's a special place in our hearts for people who find the love and care to add an extra homeless cat to their family, especially if the cat they're adopting has bonded with a litter mate or another adoptable cat. 

The @Spcamc of Monterey, California has posted a beautiful video of two bonded shelter cats, Creama and Jose, going to their forever home. The following video is just so touching! 

Such a sweet comment from @LunaNunez who writes, "No kitty left behind." @Kaceycowen says "Awwww, these sweet babies. I'm glad they found forever homes."  The previous owner of these beautiful cats added a message, typing "These are my kitties, I'm so happy to see they got a good home, thank you for posting this, I needed the closure." says @Karley.

There are so many great reasons to adopt a bonded pair. First and foremost, that's one less cat that needs to find a new home. Bonded pairs are less afraid of new surroundings. They also adapt to learning how to use the litter box in an unfamiliar home faster because they watch and mimic each other. Plus, it's just double the purrs and cuddles you, as their new owner, will receive. Now that's a win-win situation! 

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