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Video Of What Senior Cats See at Shelters Will Have You Sobbing

Everyone loves a kitten. What's not to love? They are tiny, adorable, rambunctious piles of purrs but when looking to add a member to your family, you should always keep in mind...

kittens don't stay kittens forever. 

There are so many older cats in shelters desperately looking for a home and this video posted by @aharrisphoto will bring tears to your eyes. 

Bless @LucyLuBu who posts "I want to be the lady that goes to shelters and buys all the senior pets so I can give them a loving home even if it won’t be for long." @Josie says "I’m planning to adopt a senior cat when i move out." And yay for that! @Meredith sings the praises of older cats versus kittens "I adopted my 16-year-old (she was 15 when I adopted her) senior cat and she is literally the perfect angel. Meanwhile kittens are demons." LOL! 

There are many benefits to adopting a senior cat. Their personalities are usually developed, so what you see is what you'll get. A lot of the annoying kitten behaviors like scratching furniture and chewing cords has been "aged" out of them. And you'll be saving a life of an older cat that badly needs a new home. 

 So the next time you're at a shelter, please consider giving an older animal a home, because even though kittens are adorable, older cats are too. 

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