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Man Snoozing in Bed Full of Pomeranians Is Total Naptime #Goals

Do you know people who are all about the #hustle or the #grind or being a #girlboss or whatever? That whole thing is over, my friend. Now that it's getting cold outside and fall is here we are all about napgirl fall. Or napguy fall. Whatever, just as long as it involves naps. And being cozy. And best of all, being cozy and taking naps with piles of adorable puppies. 

Just check out this ridiculously cute video that @MissyMinzi posted of her adorable dogs getting all cozy and napping with their owner! This is absolute naptime goals right here. 

That's pretty much an ideal honk honk shoo mimimi situation right there. @Debbie posts, "She opened the door to heaven right there." LOL! She so did. @Herownboss posts, "OH MY  GOOOOOOOD !!!!! Pom mom here. Heart explosion. Please May I have more?" Awww, Pomeranians are just too cute. @Mel comments, "Oooohhhhhh I am melting right now. Oh my god I cant....I am  sending lots of love to you and your beautiful fluffies." 

This is just the ideal way to spend a fall day. Forget working or cleaning or doing anything other than cuddling pets and maybe drinking hot chocolate.  Sign us up. 

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