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Cute Video Proves That Puppies Truly Can Buy Happiness

Owning a dog is expensive. Between food and vet bills and toys and buying them super cute sweaters it all adds up! According to the AKC owning a medium sized dog will run you about $16,000 over the dog's lifetime (With an average life expectancy of 13 years.) But at what cost love, we say? 

Just take a look at this little bouquet of Golden Doodles and Sheepadoodles and you can see that money may not buy happiness, but puppies do! Posted by @Utahdoodles they suggest we send this video to someone who needs a puppy. Spoiler alert: we all do! 

We will take twenty please! They are just beyond cute. @Drewpierce is feeling the multiple dog love, posting "One turns into four real quick!" @Tay agrees with the puppies can by love statement, adding, "That is so true! My dog is my best friend." Awwww! Love to hear it. @TinyButMightyYorks replies "This is the cutest thing we've ever seen!" 

Adopting or purchasing a dog is a huge, expensive commitment, but what you get in return by welcoming an animal into your life really is priceless. The love of a dog is just something money can't buy. 

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