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Affectionate Shelter Cat in CT Longing for His Forever Family Breaks Our Hearts

There are many cats available for adoption across the United States, and while they are fairly self-sufficient pets, there are not enough people interested in adopting all of these babies. One person is showing their TikTok followers one of the lovely cats available at their shelter in an effort to help him find his family.

Little Guild is an animal shelter in Cornwall, Connecticut, and they recently shared a video on their TikTok, @littleguild, of one of the cats at their shelter. In the video, one of the staff members shows us an affectionate, one-year-old orange and white cat named Achilles. Check out the video to see why Achilles would be a great addition to any household!

Awwww, Achilles is so adorable! This little guy is extremely affectionate, and just likes to be held and cuddled. He would make the perfect companion for just about anyone!

People in the comments are wishing Achilles good luck in his search for a family. @stevenfry497 said, "Poor kitty. I hope that he finds a loving, nurturing, forever home. He's a beautiful cat and deserves a nice family." Another user, @meowzabarkleycandles, commented, "Awww precious boy. May you find that kind of love with your forever family!" Achilles deserves all the love and cuddles!

Others are hoping Achilles might go home with this employee that he seems very fond of. @rebecca_cuevas commented, "He honestly looks like he belongs to you. You need to just take him home and give him all the love and cuddles there," and @cindac16 said, "He looks in love with you, you should take him!" We agree that Achilles would be very happy if he was adopted by this person!

This kitty would make the best cuddle buddy. We hope Achilles finds the person who will return all of his affection and spoil him for the rest of his life!

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