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Video of the Moment a Rescued Parrot Starts to Trust His New Owners Is So Beautiful

Rescuing animals can be extremely difficult. We all know that when you rescue an animal, you’re saving them and taking them into loving homes, but often times, they don’t know that. They can be very hesitant and scared. After all, most of them have been neglected their whole life. So when your rescue pet does come around and start to trust you, it means the absolute world. 

TikTok user @emily_and_jessie brought into their home a little birdie named Gizmo. This poor African Grey Parrot was stuck in a cage for 16 years. But he's now safe in a loving home with this TikTok creator and her family. She's been documenting how Gizmo is adjusting to his new home, slowly but surely! Watching his progress is absolutely amazing. But one of her videos stood out to us as Gizmo reached a milestone. This milestone shows he puts complete trust in her and wow, it's too beautiful for words! 

Aww! Gizmo climbed right up onto her arm. That's the first time he's ever done that! You can hear her holding back tears at the end of the clip. She's so proud of his progress. And we are too! This video is even sweeter knowing he did this on a very meaningful date for the creator. It was the 2nd anniversary of her mother's heavenly birthday. His walking and sitting on her arm was definitely a sign from her mom! 

"That little tail shake, definitely happy to be around you," commented @goddessofmischief0. He's learning to really trust her! And we absolutely spotted him smiling at the end of the clip. LOL! @shirley859 added, "I love this so much. Gizmo knows he can trust you and is warming up. It really is the little things." It might be baby steps, but it's a step in the right direction. 

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It can only go up from here! No really, he can only get higher from here...

See! He's now sitting on top of her shoulder! He's trusting her and the family more and more every day. And we're here for it every step of the way! 

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