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African Penguin at New England Aquarium Walks Again With the Help of Custom Shoes

Glow-ups can come in all shapes and sizes, whether you're a human or a penguin. That's right--one adorable African penguin had a total mobility (and style) transformation when she was given new shoes to treat her pododermatitis (AKA 'bumblefoot') at the New England Aquarium. As you can imagine, the results are both healing and hilarious.

You may not have woken up today knowing that you needed to see a penguin named Beach Donkey wearing shoes, but trust us--you do. If you're anything like us, it'll make you want to visit your local aquarium!

Oh my goodness! This little bird is too cute! We love that the aquarium staff was willing to get creative with Beach Donkey's treatment, as they explained to Boston News 25. Besides, seeing new areas of the aquarium is a great enrichment activity for her, too!

"Love this!" shared commenter @julsfoley. "I’m so glad she’s doing so well! Looks like she’s comfy in her new shoes." You said it! The aquarium did mention that it took her a while to get comfy in her new kicks, but what shoes don't need a little breaking in?

It's even cuter that the aquarium was willing to share so much of this girl's journey on social media. Not only does this help educate folks about penguins and some of the health concerns they face, but it allows people like @carolhunger123 to look at situations in the most positive light. "Because every girl needs a fabulous pair of shoes!" She wrote. We can't agree fast enough! 

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