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Alaskan Malamute's Pitiful Reaction to Mom Being Out of Town Is Priceless

Anytime we leave our pets for either a day at work or with family members so we can go on a trip, they are beside themselves. And when we eventually come home, they'll make sure to let us know how upset they were. 

TikTok user @krispyk9.execs has a dog that doesn't even wait for his mom to come home. Instead, this Alaskan Malamute named Diesel is sharing that he's upset with his mom for leaving while she's currently on a trip. Diesel's words he exchanged with his dad are absolutely priceless.

LOL! Poor Diesel, he was so upset he was stuck at home with just Dad. This clearly shows which parent he likes better. Ha! 

But also, this video shows how Diesel's mom should handle the situation the next time she needs to go on a trip. "Apparently mom did not clear her plans with fluffernutter," said @javabeanqueen. No, she did not! But to be fair, if she asked Diesel, we think he wouldn't have approved her trip. LOL! "Mum will be in trouble," wrote @lonewolf2278. And she can count on that! 

"The little feet movement at the beginning. Too cute," commented @aye_yo_its_stitch. Right!? Even though Diesel is so upset with his mom, he looks so adorable. He's a cute angry boy! The creator responded by saying, "Always stomping his feet to add to his dramatic effect." Don't even stop doing that Diesel. We love it! 


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