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Alaskan Malamute's Refusal to Leave 'PetSmart' Is the Picture of Determination

Video of am Alaskan Malamute throwing a fit at her favorite store and has gone viral on TikTok — and we don't blame her one bit. The viral-worthy video shows the pup refusing to leave PetSmart. Not even when several employees try to lure her out. Thankfully, they eventually got her out of there, but watching this group of adults try and get her to leave is downright hysterical. 

Poor Nyx just wanted five more minutes in the store, but unfortunately her owner needed to leave. "PetSmart is her favorite place and refuses to leave," the video from @alaskanmalamutenyx states onscreen. In the footage, two employees come up and gently try to get the pup to walk out the door (with plenty of pets too!) but nope, she wasn't going to budge. 

Finally, her owner had to pick her up and lift her out of the store. But we're sure this made quite the story when they got home. "The employees are trying to kick my dog out! She wasn't having it," the video's caption reads. 

People in the comments section were in stitches. "No wonder I don’t see a bag with a toy in it lol she’s not done shopping," @mylady7072 joked. "I, too, have carried an unwilling child out of a store. Mine's human though..." @marsmallowpie shared. "She’s like, 'you kicked me out of the only club I can get into,'" @thespiritualnurse kidded. "That's exactly how I looked when i was going to work tonight," @huskiemomma wrote. 

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Telling by the pup's profile, her owners did in fact get her home. But they'll probably think twice before bringing her back to the store again (or maybe they'll just pack some good treats next time). 

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