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Alaskan Malamute's Priceless Reaction to Mom Leaving the House Is the Best

The best part about your dog is how much they love you. The worst part, well it's how they react when you're not around. Take for instance one Alaskan Malamute on TikTok, who was seriously going stir crazy in the house while his owner was away. 

Luckily for all of us, Hunter's mini-meltdown was captured on camera and later shared on his page @hunterthemalamute. "Recording my dog to see what he does when no one is home," the video's onscreen text reads. It seems like Hunter had a strict schedule to follow; first he needed to howl, then he needed to steal clothes from his owner's closet and drop them by the front door, and then wouldn't you know it, it was time to howl again. See for yourself!

"Who needs an alarm when you have Hunter," the video's caption states. 

Over 2.5 million people have watched the hilarious video and many people were cracking up over the noises the pup made while home alone. "He hit the exact pitch of the tornado warning sirens in Yukon, Oklahoma. EXACT," @elisej37 joked. "Was your dog an air raid siren in a previous life?" @bodygourdgaming wondered. "This siren got me, thought it was air alert again," @annya_green teased. "This is not a drill! I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" @orosbenjamind quipped. 

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Later on in the thread, Hunter's owner clarified that her dog wasn't howling because something was wrong."Hunter has toys all around the house, TV is on and he has access to the backyard! He only howls for about a minute and then stops! He is okay!" she wrote. "He only howls when he is alone," she later added.

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