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Alaskan Malamute’s Protest Over Not Getting a Treat Has People in Stitches

Why does it seem like anytime we go on a trip or run errands, kids expect us to bring something back for them? Maybe they wanted us to pick up McDonald's on the way home or a souvenir from our vacation. Then there's kicking and screaming and crying when you come home empty-handed. That's expected with kids. As for pets? We definitely didn't see this one coming!  

TikTok user @krispyk9.execs shared a hilarious video of their Alaskan Malamute giving off some upset kid vibes. When Nana returns home, this big boy comes running in to greet her, except it was barely a 'hello.' This doggo went straight to asking Nana what she brought home for him. His response when she says she has nothing is right on cue with a kid. Although, we think his response is way cuter than any upset tiny human! 

LOL! Wow Nana, how could she not have picked up at least one little thing for this good boy?! As soon as she said she didn't have anything, he turned around! Ha! He didn't want to be near her. It's as if she didn't even think about him when she was out! 

“I can confirm he said, ‘How rude’🤣,” commented @its_me_felicity_. Aww. How could Nana forget about him?! “It’s just good manners, Nana, to bring something home for the baby 😂,” added @javabeanqueen. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for her to never return without a treat or toy or something for the pups! 

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Although he was upset about not getting anything, can we talk about how cute he was to see his Nana?! @boymom_teacher wrote, "Did he just run in and say 'Gramma!!'?" Yes, why yes he did! One's never too big to be a Nana's boy! 

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