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Viral Video of Albino Alligator's Reaction to Being Scrubbed Has People Obsessed

Is there anything cuter than watching an animal get a bath? Even when they're not exactly feeling tub time, they sure do look adorable while they're getting cleaned. Which is probably why we can't get enough of an Albino Alligator on TikTok, who was absolutely living for the scrub down she was getting from her caretaker. 

The adorable footage was shared by The Reptile Zoo (@thereptilezoo) of Fountain Valley, California — who must've realized that Coconut's reaction to her bath was something we all needed to see. The video shows Coconut's caretaker carefully scrubbing her with a toothbrush. "She likes it!" the woman exclaims. And yep, judging by Coconut's expression she really, really does! Watch the video below and see for yourself! 

"Scrubbing coconut content will never gets old! And I think she hopes it will never stop," the caption jokes. 

Coconut wasn't the only one! The video has been watched over 30 million times and it seems like people everywhere could watch Coconut get a bath all day long! "She's loving that she has her own personal spa treatment," @awesome80schick wrote in the comments section. "The very epitome of being pampered! Look at those darling eyes, the happy grin! 'Yes, right there, now to the left a little more!'" @user3278520080030 added. "I’ve never seen an alligator smile before! This is so very sweet!" @sabiobabe chimed in. "What a beautiful lil albino! The eyes just melt my heart," @trevorbelmont6 exclaimed. 

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One person wondered what was Coconut's mouth while she was getting her bath, to which her handler explained it was "just a tiny piece of chicken!" 

Dinner and a bath? Someone is really living the good life.

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