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Video of American Bully's Sweet Reaction to Mom Baking Cookies Couldn't Be Sweeter

Baking cookies with our mom was one of the best parts of our childhood. Eagerly awaiting the delicious treats as they baked in the oven was a staple of the fall and winter. One pup is experiencing the same delight with his mom in this wonderful viral video.

TikTok user @dex.the.bully recently shared a video of her American Bully, Dexter, watching the homemade biscuits his mom prepared for him bake in the oven. Check out the video to see this good pup waiting for his treats and his adorable reaction to seeing his mom!

Awww Dexter is so sweet! We can't think of a pup more deserving of these fresh and yummy biscuits. Hopefully he didn't have to wait too long for them to come out of the oven!

People in the comments were falling in love with Dexter's adorable face and patient demeanor. @boopthewise said, "I LOVE animals. So content just watching the cookies bake." Another user, @feistydee, commented, "Aww, he stole my heart. He's like a little boy, he can't wait for them to come out of the oven!" The love for cookies is something all can relate to, including animals!

Others in the comments asked Dexter's mom to share a video of this pup eating some of these treats, and she happily obliged. Watch the video below to see Dexter enjoy his biscuits!

Many people in the comments thought one cookie was simply not enough for a good boy, such as @userw0scw22pop who said, "Okay now give him like 10 more." Never fear readers, Dexter's mom confirmed that he already had several biscuits before this video, so there was no shortage of treats in his tummy!

We are thrilled that Dexter has a mom that bakes him homemade cookies. Every dog should be given only the highest quality of biscuits, and getting them homemade is the perfect touch!

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