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American Bully's Reaction to Being Sung 'Happy Birthday' Might Be the Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen

We can't get over the expression one dog had on his face during his recent birthday party. The pup, an American Bully named Ace, looked so excited as his friends and family sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He was practically glowing! It's no wonder that so many people online can't stop watching. 

Little Ace was turning 2, so naturally his family wanted to celebrate the big occasion. They even bought him a cake! The footage, later shared on his page @acemory, shows the pup patiently waiting for his family to sing to him. But it was the look on his sweet, little, face that really stands out. "Our sweet Ace turned 2 years old yesterday," the video's caption reads. Take a look!

We are melting! Are you melting? This is just so incredible cute. With over 8 million views online, we don't think we were the only ones who were positively obsessed. "What an impatient good boy, his eyes tell the story of a dog that is going absolutely crazy," @larryhill65 teased in the comments section. "He said how long is the song," @bison_mollymusic added. "He's like; 'Is this for me?! is all of this for me?! It is, it is for me!!!'" @shseagirl teased. "Very proud of him for not jumping on the table," @weratedogs kidded. 

One person even asked to see Ace dig into his cake. Thankfully, his owners had the video on hand and totally delivered. "For everyone wanting to see him eat his cake… he is our most gentle house hippo.." the caption reads.

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We're sure this was Ace's best birthday yet!

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