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American Staffordshire Terrier's Unexpected Surprise for Mom Is Too Funny

Turn your back for just a second and it's very likely that your dog has gotten into some sort of trouble. Although you've probably not had the same experience as one pair of people on TikTok, who was flabbergasted when they found their American Staffordshire Terrier in the most bizarre place. Trust us.

A copy of the video was shared on the @duckythegreat TikTok page, where it appears to have been reposted. The footage shows the dog chilling in his unusual spot. "Why? That's all I ask why?" a man's voice can be heard saying off-camera. "Baby! How long were you stuck?" a woman can be heard asking in the background. 

So maybe it's not everyday that your dog pokes his head through his plastic dog crate. But the kicker of the whole video is that the dog seems completely unfazed. "He looks so proud of himself!!" the video's caption reads.

With 447,000 views and counting, it's obvious that people were just as confused as the pet owners were. "He just wanted a new sky light for his crib," @chris267byrd teased. "Poor baby wanted a sun roof," @allanscheer quipped. "How? Would also be a good question," @tara3268 joked. "Nothing to see just sitting here minding my business," @ddm.24k added. 

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Many people wrote in that the bigger issue was that the dog was simply too large for his crate and it's probably best if the pup doesn't use the crate while inside. As for how this happened, we guess we'll never know. But the beautiful thing about dogs is that they never cease to make us laugh. 

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