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Video of Man and Golden Retriever Enjoying a Thunderstorm Is Just Too Sweet

Having an animal can make even the most mundane things feel extra special. A pet can help you see the beauty in everyday life. Take for instance, a video of a man taking it all in during a rain storm with his Golden Retriever. You can totally tell that these two are having a moment together. And we're just lucky enough to have been given a tiny peek.

The video was shared by paralympian Amy Purdy (@amypurdygurl), who happened to be there when her husband and her dog, Huckleberry, were watching the rain outside their house. "A sweet moment of my husband and my dog enjoying a thunderstorm," she wrote in the video's onscreen caption. The two looked so peaceful together. It's definitely the perfect way to get in a moment of zen. "It’s the small things," Purdy wrote in the captions. Take a look!

With over 200,000 views, so many people wrote in to comment how remarkable the footage was. "A Norman Rockwell moment," @michaelgiangiuli4 wrote. "They make the simplest things more fun," @user809260793 agreed. "Same feeling when I see my husband embracing our cats," @arcylaughs commented. "That’s a man with a good heart," @ritamorris7 chimed in. 

Later in the thread, one commenter asked if Purdy's husband did this as part of a ritual to calm Huckleberry down during storms. To which the athlete explained that "He’s always been calm with storms," she wrote. "We have been with him daily since he was a puppy so I think he feels safe."

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He's such a lucky doggie to have two parents who care about him as much as these two do. And we'd sure love to have a pal like Huckleberry when it rains. So sweet!

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