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Animal Communicator Shares the Messages Pets Have Given Her in Touching Video

We're in absolute awe of this woman who is an animal communicator because well, we didn't know that was a thing! Meet Hannah, known on TikTok as As an animal communicator, Hannah is trained to tune in and connect with animals to understand their thoughts. She even has conversations with them. This type of communication allows people to understand their pets’ concerns, thoughts and feelings. So cool! 

Hannah is really living out every kid's dream of being able to talk to animals. Since we can't do it, we'll gladly stay on her TikTok to hear about what animals say during her sessions. One video, in particular, stood out to us because of how deep these animals can get. And all this time we thought they were only thinking about going outside, food and that they love us. You'll be so blown away that you'll want to have her talk to your pet next! 

Wow! We seriously can’t get over how cool this is! The variety of things she hears from different animals makes total sense because every single pet has their own unique personality. And boy, do those thoughts range from hilarious to ones that hit you in all the feels.  

"If they listen to their heart, it might end up lining up with their minds too," one cat said to Hannah. Step aside philosophists, we got a kitty out here speaking the truth!  As @pwnjaban said, "Kitty yoda." LOL! So true! "The things the cats said were so deep & almost spiritual! The dog= "When I look at the colored sheet for too long it starts to move... whoaaa..." 🤪," wrote @purr_pull_reign. HA! This pretty much adds up to what we know about cats vs. dogs' personalities! 

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BRB, currently looking up how to book a session with her for our dog because we are SO intrigued! 

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