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Shelter Photographer Shows Why Rescue Pet Photos Are So Important

Photographs are so important for animals waiting in shelters to find new homes. Companion Animal Psychology even discovered that a dog with a great quality photograph was typically adopted within 14 days compared to 43 days for a poor photo.That's why we love seeing so many amazing photographers like TikTok user @Aharrisphoto who volunteer to help shelter animals find homes. 

Just watch this touching video showing shelter dogs getting their photos taken. It just proves how important photography is. 

@Mia posts, "They are adorable!" Indeed. @Doggio06 asks, "How can we help?" @Aharris replies, "A lot of them are ready to go home today! They are at @ocasorlando! Photos truly make a difference that showcase their personality!" 

That is so true! Even if you aren't able to adopt an animal into your home at present, volunteering at your local shelter is always a wonderful idea. Even better, if you're a photographer who can donate your time and talent to helping find these beautiful animals forever homes, offer your services to your local shelter today. 

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