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Video of Animals Rescued From Hurricane Ian Arriving at Fort Lauderdale Shelter Is Sweet Yet Heartbreaking

Our hearts are absolutely breaking from the aftermath Hurricane Ian left. Not only are houses and towns destroyed, but animals have also been left stranded and afraid. We can't believe people decided to abandon their fur babies. 

As sad as it is, we're beyond thankful for animal shelters and people stepping up to the plate and helping these poor animals. One animal shelter, in particular, known on TikTok as @humanebroward, recently made its first trip to Florida's west coast to rescue some animals. Watch the clip to see how many animals they rescued!

Wow, we don't even have words. It's so amazing what this animal shelter is doing. They received over three dozen cats and dogs. But they're not stopping! The Fort Lauderdale-based shelter will be making multiple trips. The team will assist in cleaning, feeding and providing medical examinations for the animals. Incredible! 

@Jayhawk153 wrote, "Thank you for saving those babies!" Thank you from all of us! "Breaks my heart these guys were alone during a scary time. I pray they all find loving happy homes," said @mother_runner_kris. We seriously can't believe someone would do this. 

Now, more than ever, shelters need people to adopt. If you're interested, please visit the Humane Society Broward County website and check out their adoptable animals. Let's get these fur babies a forever home! 


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